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Wherever you choose to buy, always prepare well as this is a huge investment. To those who are new at buying cars below is a list of things you need to check:

Ensure you Budget carefully: –

Get insurance quotes; any work that might be needed (used car); Shop around for good finance deals if you are getting a loan.

Do your homework: –

Compare similar cars in the various classifieds websites so you know as much as you can about the value of different cars to avoid being overcharged.

View car in day light: –

Avoid viewing a car in the rain, in poor light or at night so you can see all the angels as you might miss condition of the car e.g. scratches & dents

Ask about service history: –

This might be difficult to establish especially if a car has been imported but you can check on inspection report to ensure the car has been graded.

Arrange for a Test Drive: –

This will give you a feel of the mechanical condition of the car.

Finally, Buyer beware and don’t be pressured into buying: –

If a deal looks too good to be true then it most likely is. Get a proper mechanic to inspect the car and ensure you also check the log book with the relevant authority (KRA).


Before you hand over any money: -

Agree collection or delivery arrangements; Confirm exactly what's included in the price (warranties); Confirm any work that the seller has agreed to do; make sure you get a formal agreement showing vehicle details, price, terms of sale and the seller's details.

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